Insurance Work

IMPORTANT! Know your rights!

'What if you are involved in an accident?'

'Don't let your insurer bully you into using their repairer'

Always remember

As per the Vehicle Body Repairers Association:

'Its your bike and choice where you have it repaired. The Office of Fair Trading, Association of British Insurers and Financial Services Authority all agree that its your right to choose who repairs your bike.'

As a customer you:

  • Need only one estimate
  • Choose where your repairs are carried out
  • Are entitled by law to hire a suitable replacement bike (subject to conditions)
  • Are entitled to reimbursement of any financial loss

Should you need assistance following an accident (whether third party or comprehensive) we can quickly provide accurate advice and liase with the insurance companies and the assessors involved to conclude matters as quickly and efficiently as possible.

We also have specialised Motorcycle Solicitors that can help you with any claims, recovery expenses, damage to clothing and if applicable, personal injuries.

Free customer recovery

Free customer recovery is available for all our customers, and delivery as necessary after the repairs have been completed and approved by yourself.

We are approved repairers for the following groups – RAC, AA, NIG, CGU, Co-op and many more, as well as being approved by DUCATI and TRIUMPH insurance services. We not only liase with you to understand your worries following any accident, but by our total involvement we take the hassle out of the problem.

  • If you need us, first ring and tell us where the bike is, and we'll collect it, pay any recovery storage charges and store the bike at no cost to yourself (as long as it is insured and is a non-fault accident)
  • We will produce a detailed estimate within 3-5 working days after thorough inspection of your machine and fax/email it to your insurance company or assessors.
  • We will ring you with approximate completion date for repairs.
  • If applicable, we will credit hire a machine for you to use while your motorcycle is in for repair.
  • We will nag/hassle insurance companies and assessors to get out to the shop to view the machine within 48 hours, and get written authority to proceed that same day. We'll ask you to inspect your vehicle and sign a satisfaction note and you can either ride away from our premises there and then, or we could schedule a delivery back to you.
  • Also some policies can provide provision for use of a courtesy vehicle, whilst yours is off the road. If you have this cover, we liase with your insurance company and get you a courtesy bike to use (of similar type if available) whilst we have your bike in for repair.
  • If your policy covers your clothing, helmet etc. we can happily provide an estimate for any replacements needed, whether or not you brought the clothing off us, just supply our clothing dept. a list of the damaged kit and sizes, and they can get approval from your insurance company.

*Dependant on your insurance company.

For any accident incident call our Service department 01745 822922 for advice.